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Stock Check is where you can check our products catalog number, description and quantity available. If you are a BIG KAISER authorized reseller or a BIG KAISER authorized manufacturers' representative you may request a login name and password for pricing. If you have previously been approved for this process, you can login here.

Please note: We have decided to change our tool connection description of KA/KAB to CK/CKB to be consistent with how the product is referred to globally. There is absolutely zero geometric difference between a tool marked KA/KAB and CK/CKB, it was simply a way to differentiate North American inch tools from metric tools sold throughout the rest of the world.

  1. You can enter full or partial catalog numbers to see a list of tools that contain your search value.
    • Entering "319" will display all items that contain characters "319".
  2. You can use % as a wildcard to represent multiple characters, or an underscore to represent one character.
    • Entering "BCV40%4" will display all BIG-PLUS® CAT40 tooling with a 4" gauge length.
    • Entering "BCV50-MEGA_N" will display all BIG-PLUS® CAT50 MEGA New Baby 6N and 8N holders.
  3. You can click on the column headers to sort the results. Clicking the column headers will toggle the results between ascending and descending order.
  4. You can search by description by changing the search type to Description.

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